& Purpose

Senior Placement is a homeless assistance program that prioritizes Assisted Living Housing for vulnerable adults.

This approach is guided by the belief that people need basic necessities before attending to the complexities: Employment, Budgeting, or maintaining sobriety. We believe the clients choice is valuable in housing selection, supportive service participation and that exercising that choice is likely to make a client more successful in remaining housed and improving their lives.


Types of facilities.

Depending on the level of care required there are various options to meet each individuals level care.


SMI Residential.

Care Homes are small, close-knit family like environments maintained by certified caregivers. Usually these types of homes hold 6 to 8 residents at a given time.

Seniors who prefer to stay in residential care homes will be able to access home-like amenities and Fall Prevention.


Assisted Living.

Assisted Living is ideal for individuals who are unable to care for themselves and independently pursue daily living activities. If you choose Assisted Living for yourself or a family member, the provider will be responsible in arranging services.


Nursing Homes.

Nursing Homes have a larger resident capacity compared to Residential Care Homes. Senior Placement will be happy to orient you and your family about what nursing homes can offer and what makes it ideal for your situation.